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You may not recognize Ethan Suplee’s name, but you’ve almost certainly seen his face.

He’s appeared in quite a few blockbuster movies and hit T.V. shows such as Mallrats, Without a Paddle, American History X, Cold Mountain, Remember the Titans, My Name Is Earl, Chasing Amy, and many more. 

During much of this time, Ethan was big, tipping the scales at nearly 530 pounds at his heaviest. As he jokes in our interview, he basically had the “fat guy who can act” niche cornered in Hollywood.

While this was helpful to his career and bank account, it wasn’t doing his body any favors.

And so, about a decade ago, Ethan realized his life was likely to come to a painful and humiliating end if he didn’t make a major change. He got a wild hair and through crash dieting, keto, martial arts, and cycling, he managed to get all the way down to 220 pounds.

As impressive as that was, Ethan still wasn’t happy. He didn’t have much muscle mass and he felt small, weak, and uncomfortable in his own skin.

So back up his weight went, all the way into the mid-300s.

Eventually, however, he found his way to me and my work as well as the good work of others in the evidence-based fitness space and learned about proper meal planning, macronutrient balance, and heavy weightlifting, and today, you wouldn’t even recognize him as Louie the lineman from Remember the Titans.

He looks like he’s ready for the next Mission Impossible flick.

What’s more, Ethan is using his celebrity and story to help spread the word about proper nutrition and training through his growing Instagram account and new podcast, American Glutton

So, if you want to hear Ethan’s inspiring story and how he went from super fat to fit to really fat to super fit, this podcast is for you.


16:00 – At what point did you get serious about weight lifting?

20:50 – How was your experience with losing fat with the keto diet?

27:29 – When did your weight become an issue and you decided to change your lifestyle?

28:42 – What kind of conversation did you have that helped you change your life?

36:58 – How did cycling affect your work?

48:08 – Now that your physique has changed dramatically, how is it going to affect your work and the type of placements you get?

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