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Are you bored of the same exercises, day after day in the gym? Kyle Hunt and I discuss often-overlooked and underrated exercises you can try next time you train to add some spice to your program while getting bigger and stronger.

In this episode, repeat podcast guest Kyle Hunt and I talk about underrated exercises. It’s fairly common to bust myths and talk about overrated exercises you see many people doing in the gym, but we’re taking the opposite approach here. These are exercises that have value, but which a lot of people overlook or judge more harshly than they should.

Whether you just don’t know about these movements, don’t do them because you heard they’re dangerous or ineffective, or if you’ve simply forgotten about them just because they’re not “popular” on social media, these exercises can benefit your programming and train your muscles in new ways.

Specifically, Kyle and I chat about . . .

  • Chest-supported rows and how they can help when you don’t have heavy dumbbells
  • The value of handstand pushups and one-arm pressing
  • The importance of “intensity discipline” and AMRAP sets
  • Tips for safety bar squats, pistol squats, and good mornings
  • Loaded carries (and how to program them)
  • Trap-bar deadlifts and nordic hamstring curls
  • Different types of pullovers (and what muscles they train and why you’d add them)
  • And more . . .

In case you’re not familiar with Kyle, he’s a competitive powerlifter, coach, author, and owner of Hunt Fitness, who’s worked with hundreds of powerlifters and bodybuilders alike. He’s also the host of The Absolute Strength Podcast, which I’ve been a guest on a number of times.

So, if you want some new ideas on exercises you can incorporate to add some variety to your training while still training effectively (and hitting your muscles in different ways), you’re going to enjoy this podcast! 


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5:56 – What are some underrated exercises?

7:41 – What is incline prone dumbbell rowing?

15:06 – What are your thoughts on intensity discipline?

17:45 – Handstand pushups

23:40 – What are your thoughts on the seated one arm overhead press?

24:49 – What are your thoughts on unilateral exercises?

27:20 – Safety bar squats

39:40 – Chinups for biceps

42:08 – Suitcase carries, farmers walks, and loaded carries

45:11 – How do loaded carries affect GPP (general physical preparedness)? How does GPP improve your performance?

49:28 – Good mornings

51:48 – Pistol squats

53:49 – How to program pistol squats                        

54:02 – Trap bar deadlifts                            

59:38 – Pendulum squats

1:01:29 – What are your thoughts on nordic hamstring curls?

1:04:37 – Pullovers

1:06:49 – What are your thoughts on dumbbell pullovers?

1:08:23 – Where can people find you and your work?

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