In only 12 weeks of Legion coaching, Natalie lost 12 pounds of fat, shed 2 inches off her waist, and added 40 pounds to her squat, 60 pounds to her deadlift, and 110 pounds to her leg press.

She had previously followed the Thinner Leaner Stronger program and seen good results. However, as she became more experienced with weightlifting, she began struggling with plateaus.

A few months of Legion coaching turned that around and dramatically improved her physique.

Here are her results:

Natalie before and after

Natalie’s Journey

Natalie began following Thinner Leaner Stronger in her late 20s and initially progressed well. In her first year, she gained significant strength and lost almost 10 pounds of fat.

However, as she entered her 30s, life began to change, and maintaining focus on fitness became tougher. Nevertheless, she was keen to avoid bad eating and fitness habits. “I don’t want the body of an “older woman,” she said. “I want to keep looking fire!”

By that point, Natalie was well-versed in fitness, being a regular at the gym. The issue was she struggled to apply what she knew, especially when it came to diet: “I overindulge and overeat. I love trying new restaurants. I love pizza and pasta and rice. This is my biggest jump to overcome.”

With her coach’s support, Natalie persevered through her hectic schedule, personal setbacks, and injuries and consistently completed most of her workouts. She also learned to control her portions and eat “mindfully,” which helped curtail her overeating. 

The aspect of the program Natalie valued most was her coach’s continual support and motivation, particularly via email. This guidance played a crucial role in helping her lose an additional 12 pounds, all while getting stronger on key exercises. 

Natalie’s Results

During her 3 months of coaching, Natalie . . .

  • Lost a total of 12 pounds of body fat
  • Slimmed her waist from 29.5 inches to 27.5 inches
  • Reduced her body fat percentage by 4-to-5%

If Natalie Can Do It, You Can Too

Most people, including Natalie, enthusiastically begin their fitness journey, grasping the basics quickly. However, many encounter plateaus as they become more familiar with weightlifting, leading to confusion about how best to continue.

Often, the solution is straightforward, requiring just small but specific adjustments to get the ball rolling again. The challenge lies in pinpointing these changes and learning how to apply them effectively.

This is where the help of an experienced coach proves crucial. They can identify what’s holding you back, adjust your approach, and steer you back on track to achieving your fitness goals.

If you want to transform your body but don’t know how to start, piece everything together, or stay the course, our one-on-one coaching service is for you. Click here to check it out and set up a free consultation.