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How can you tell if someone is natty or not?

This is a wellspring of controversial fitness gossip, and particularly among men.

Some people say that it’s childish, rude, and unnecessary to ask or even wonder if so-and-so is “natty” or not. Don’t ask for whom the bell tolls and all that.

Others don’t take issue with the line of discussion but claim there are major problems with the common methods of analysis. Thus, they say, unless it’s completely obvious, it’s really impossible to know whether someone is on the sauce or not.

And still others can’t fathom why people purportedly into being healthy and fit would secretly use dangerous drugs to impress strangers on the Internet.

Here’s my position:

  1. I couldn’t care less whether someone does or doesn’t take steroids. That’s their business.
  2. I do care, however, when someone takes steroids and lies about it to deceive people. That’s when it becomes other people’s business.


Because it’s no different than lying about anything else to make a buck or burnish your bona fides, and it’s one of the reasons so many young men and women have wildly unrealistic expectations about what type of physique they can achieve naturally and should aspire to.

This is why you should get savvy about discerning who does and doesn’t use drugs. Let’s learn how.

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