Do you like filling your face cave with all-natural supplements that really work?

Of course you do.

Do you like saving money on your most precious pills and powders?


And do you like bug burgers, soy protein shakes, and gynecomastia?

Good, because you’ll find none of that in my Subscribe & Save program, which works like this:

You Save 10% on Every Order

Never pay full price again for all of your favorite Legion products, from pre-workout to protein powder, post-workout, fat burners, and more.

You Never Run Out

Your supplements are automatically delivered to you every 30, 60, or 90 days.

You Get Free Shipping

Enjoy free shipping to anywhere in the U.S. (and worldwide if your order is over $99).

You Get VIP Customer Support

If you ever need help with anything, our dedicated in-house support team of personal trainers is just a click or call away.

You Can Change or Cancel Anytime

With a few clicks, you can skip orders, change delivery timing, add or remove products, update payment information, and pause or cancel your subscription anytime.

Click here to learn more:

Oh and there’s also this:

You’ll receive 5% cash back on every order with our rewards program, meaning you’ll actually save a total of 15% on every shipment.

*Super Mario star shoots across the sky*

Starting your subscription is easy, too:

  1. Zip over to our store and find a product and flavor you want to subscribe to.
  2. Choose the “Subscribe & Save 10%” option on the product page.
  3. Choose your delivery frequency (every 30, 60, or 90 days).
  4. Choose the quantity for each shipment.
  5. Click “Subscribe” to add it to your cart.
  6. Repeat for each product and flavor you want automagically delivered to your doorstep every month or two or three.
  7. Complete your order, rip your pants off, and have a party.

And that’s it, you’re in like Wilt Chamberlain at the muffin factory.


Go for it!


P.S.  Have questions? Let’s see if I can read your mind . . .

How do I pause my subscription?

Log in to your account, click on “My Subscriptions,” and click on “Pause Schedule.”

How do I cancel my subscription?

Log in to your account, click on “My Subscriptions,” and click on “Delete.”

How does the subscription pricing work?

You immediately save 10% when you subscribe to a product (and earn 5% cash back in rewards points), and then save 10% on every future order (plus get 5% cash back) for as long as you stay subscribed.

How do rewards points work with my subscription?

You earn 5% cash back (in rewards points) on every shipment, and you can apply those points to any order outside of your subscription.

(We’re looking into how points can be applied to the subscriptions themselves, but the two software systems didn’t come with any method of integration.)

If none of that sunk your battleship, you can find answers to more frequently asked questions here: