Would you like some help with working out your calories and macros?

Or figuring out how quickly you can lose fat without losing muscle?

Or determining what your body fat percentage is or how much muscle and strength you can gain?

Well, I just launched a free fitness tools hub with, well, 12 free fitness tools that do all of the mathy mathing for you and, with a few clicks, produce accurate, evidence-based results and recommendations.

For instance . . .

  • My calorie & macronutrient calculators help you work out how many calories you should eat and how they should break down into protein, carbs, and fat.
  • My weight loss calculator helps you figure out how to maximize fat loss and minimize muscle loss when cutting.
  • My body fat calculator helps you determine your body fat percentage based on skinfold measurements you can take at home.
  • My natural muscle gain calculator helps you estimate how much muscle you can gain naturally, and approximately how big each of your muscle groups can get.
  • My natural strength calculator helps you assess your potential for raw strength based on your anatomy.
  • My one-rep max calculator helps you measure how strong you are on your key lifts like the squat, bench, and deadlift based on your training logs.

And that’s not even a full list—you can find even more tools here (and I’m already working on the next batch, so bookmark that page!).

That’s it for today—short and sweet, like a smiling pygmy.

Enjoy the tools.


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