Want to get fitter and healthier faster? 

Don’t step over dollars to pick up dimes. 

Don’t fuss over “superfoods” instead of eating enough fruits and vegetables. Don’t slurp down hydration supplements instead of drinking enough water. Don’t flit from one training program to the next instead of achieving progressive overload

Fitness is like any other activity—the big results always come from practicing the fundamentals, not exploring the fringes.

For example, if you can . . .

  1. Figure out how many calories and how much protein to eat every day.
  2. Consistently eat about that many calories and that much protein every day.

. . . you’ll never struggle with your weight ever again.

That’s the passport to the promised land, not restricting carbs or avoiding individual foods. So long as calories and protein are controlled correctly, those who can best stick to their diet lose the most fat. Full stop. 

And the non-negotiable strength training tenets that most determine your results? There are only a few:

  1. Progressive overload
  2. Volume and intensity
  3. Exercise selection
  4. Rest and recovery

All other aspects are junior—the 80% that produces the 20%, including your workout split. Your biceps don’t care if you do an “arms,” “pull,” or “upper-body” workout. Your muscles will grow when you do the right amount of the right exercises with the right amount of weight and then give them the right amount of nutrition and recovery. 

And finally, there are no “weird tricks” for melting belly fat; pills, powders, or potions for packing on muscle; or “biohacks” for supercharging your chakras with higher vibrations of the green tea infinity. There’s only the work.