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If you want to know how to use fasted cardio to lose fat as quickly as possible, then you want to listen to this podcast.

Doing cardio on an empty stomach doesn’t necessarily help you lose fat faster.

Doing fasted cardio can help you lose fat–and “stubborn” fat in particular–faster, though.

(And it works especially well when combined with several other fat loss strategies, which we’ll talk more about in this podcast.)

This sword cuts both ways, though.

Do your fasted cardio wrong and you won’t lose fat faster. You’ll just lose muscle instead, which is a good way to wind up skinny fat.

We’re going to break it all down in this podcast and learn the simple science of fasted cardio, including…

  • What fasted cardio actually is (and isn’t).
  • How it can help you lose fat faster.
  • Why it can cause muscle loss.
  • How to maximize its benefits (fat burning) and minimize its drawbacks (catabolism).
  • What types of fasted cardio are best.
  • And more.

By the end, you’ll know how to use fasted cardio to speed up fat loss without sacrificing muscle.

So let’s go. 🙂

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5:52 – What is fasted cardio?

9:10 – How does fasted cardio affect fat loss?

11:37 – What does the science say about burning more fat with fasted cardio?

18:54 – How does fasted cardio affect calorie burning?

21:11 – What is stubborn fat?

26:39 – What is yohimbine?

33:30 – What is synephrine?

34:52 – What type of fasted cardio is best?

40:30 – What about fasted weightlifting?

43:49 – How do you maximize the effectiveness of fasted training?

46:39 – What is HMB?

55:21 – What I take before fasted training?

56:51 – What should you eat after fasted training?

60:32 – What’s the bottom line on fasted cardio?

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