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In this podcast, I chat with Menno Henselmans again in what’s meant as a part two to our last podcast on the science of self-control and willpower. This time, we’re specifically talking about willpower as it relates to diet.

The episode is chock-full of practical tips for improving your diet adherence, which can help you lose fat faster and more easily. This is something Menno is an expert on because he recently released a book called The Science of Self-Control, which is an evidence-based look at willpower that references over 500 scientific papers and distills it all down to actionable tips you can implement now.

Menno’s book is designed to help anyone boost their self-control so that they can better stick to a diet, work smarter (not harder), and simply put, be the best version of themselves. And this time, we’re focusing solely on the dietary part of the book.

In this interview, Menno explains why dieting is inherently difficult, ways to make it easier, how macronutrient composition, meal timing, and consistency can help (or hurt) adherence, cravings, the difference between satisfaction and satiety, tips for eating out and going off-plan, and a whole lot more.

Menno has been a repeat guest on my podcast, but in case you’re not familiar with him, he’s a former business consultant turned international public speaker, educator, writer, published scientist, and physique coach who’s passionate about helping serious athletes attain their ideal physiques.

So if you want to learn evidence-based tips to better stick to your diet, definitely check out this interview!


0:00 – Pre-order my new fitness book now for a chance to win over $12,000 in splendid swag: 

8:05 – Why is dieting difficult?

16:47 – Why do you only eat “healthy” foods with no junk?

19:15 – When do you feel a difference from your diet?

21:50 – What can we do to make dieting easier?

24:29 – Consistency is more important than “optimal”

26:05 – What are the key aspects of consistency that matter most?

27:19 – Are you always getting healthier when you get leaner? Is 15% body fat healthier than 10%?

29:59 – Does macronutrient composition matter in dieting?

32:45 – Why “if it fits your macros” with junk food isn’t sustainable

35:27 – Can you satiate a craving?

38:40 – The order you eat foods has a significant effect on adherence

39:41 – Meal satisfaction

43:43 – Meal timing

44:37 – Tips for eating out

45:50 – Why you shouldn’t save up calories by starving yourself before you go out to eat

48:53 – The satiety sweetspot

49:17 – The difference between craving pleasure (satisfaction) and satiety

52:15 – What should you do if you overeat one day?

56:14 – Where can people find your book on self-control and your other work?

Mentioned on the Show:

Pre-order my new fitness book now for a chance to win over $12,000 in splendid swag: 

Menno’s new book: The Science of Self-Control

Menno’s website

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