Thinner Leaner Stronger is a strength training routine for women created by Michael Matthews

The program features in a fitness book of the same name, that outlines a straightforward approach to building a fit, lean, and strong body through proper nutrition and evidence-based workout routines.

In this article, you’ll learn what the Thinner Leaner Stronger workout is, the 3-, 4-, and 5-day Thinner Leaner Stronger routines, which exercises the workout includes, tips to get the most out of the program, and more. 

What Is the Thinner Leaner Stronger Workout Program?

The Thinner Leaner Stronger workout is a training program designed by Mike Matthews to help women lose fat and gain lean muscle

The workouts are based on the most up-to-date scientific research and emphasize the importance of lifting heavy weights, a concept that challenges the common misconception that women should stick to light weights to avoid getting “bulky.”

The Thinner Leaner Stronger program features in a fitness book of the same name, which also covers topics such as proper dieting for fat loss and building lean muscle, meal planning, goal setting, and more. 

The routine is for women new to proper, structured strength training or intermediate lifters coming from a minimalist training program who want to boost muscle growth by following a more rigorous regimen.

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The Thinner Leaner Stronger Workout Routines

Below are the 5-, 4-, and 3-day routines designed to get women thinner, leaner, and stronger than ever.

The 5-Day Thinner Leaner Stronger Workout Routine

The 5-day routine is ideal for any woman wanting to build muscle and gain strength as fast as possible. It also fits nicely into the typical 5-day workweek.

Rest 2-to-4 minutes between every set, depending on how long you need to recoup your strength.

5-Day Thinner Leaner Stronger Workout Routine

The 4-Day Thinner Leaner Stronger Workout Routine

The 4-day routine suits women who want to train less than 5 days weekly or need slightly more time to recover between workouts. 

It also offers more flexibility than the 5-day routine if you want to schedule something else during your workweek instead of a workout (like a yoga class, cardio session, or date night, for example).

Rest 2-to-4 minutes between every set, depending on how long you need to recoup your strength.

4-Day Thinner Leaner Stronger Workout Routine

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The 3-Day Thinner Leaner Stronger Workout Routine

The 3-day routine works well for women who want to make slow but consistent muscle and strength gains but who don’t have much time to train or need plenty of rest between workouts. 

Rest 2-to-4 minutes between every set, depending on how long you need to recoup your strength.

3-Day Thinner Leaner Stronger Workout Routine

The Thinner Leaner Stronger Exercises

The Thinner Leaner Stronger exercises are split into two types: primary and accessory exercises.

Primary exercises are always compound exercises. They train multiple muscle groups simultaneously, allowing you to lift heavier weights and achieve most of your muscle and strength gains.

Accessory exercises complement primary exercises by targeting muscles that may not receive enough stimulation otherwise. These exercises enhance muscle growth, improve performance in primary exercises, and prevent muscle imbalances that could hinder your progress.

The Thinner Leaner Stronger exercises are also organized according to whether they involve pushing, pulling, or squatting.

Here’s the full list of the Thinner Leaner Stronger exercises:

Thinner Leaner Stronger Pushing Exercises

Primary Pushing Exercises:

Accessory Pushing Exercises:

Thinner Leaner Stronger Pulling Exercises

Primary Pulling Exercises:

Accessory Pulling Exercises:

Thinner Leaner Stronger Squatting Exercises

Primary Squatting Exercises:

Accessory Squatting Exercises:

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3 Tips for More Effective Thinner Leaner Stronger Workouts

1. Warm up before your first exercise of each workout.

Here’s the warm-up protocol you want to follow:

  • Roughly estimate what weight you’re going to use for your three sets of the exercise (this is your “hard set” weight).
  • Do 6 reps with about 50% of your hard set weight, and rest for a minute.
  • Do 4 reps with about 70% of your hard set weight, and rest for a minute.

Then, do all your hard sets for your first exercise and the rest of the exercises for that workout.

2. End every set 1-to-3 reps shy of muscle failure.

You must take most of the sets to within a rep or two of failure.

Ask yourself at the end of each set, “If I had to, how many more reps could I have gotten with good form?” If the answer is more than two, increase the weight or reps to make your next set more challenging.

3. Once you hit the top of your rep range for a set, move up in weight. 

If your Thinner Leaner Stronger workout calls for 6-to-8 reps of the deadlift and you get 8 reps for a set, add 10 pounds to your next set.

If you manage 5 or fewer reps with the new weight, reduce the weight by 5 pounds to ensure you stay in the 6-to-8 rep range. 

Follow this pattern of trying to add reps or weight to every exercise in every workout.

FAQ #1: Does Thinner Leaner Stronger work?

Yes. Three-hundred and sixty-seven peer-reviewed scientific studies support the Thinner Leaner Stronger system of clean eating, exercising, and recovery for losing weight and gaining lean muscle and strength.

For more real-world proof, check out the Success Stories from those who’ve followed the program.

FAQ #2: Why am I getting leaner but stronger on Thinner Leaner Stronger?

Many women lose fat and get stronger while following Thinner Leaner Stronger because of a phenomenon known as “newbie gains.”

To learn more about newbie gains, check out this article:

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FAQ #3: What’s the difference between Bigger Leaner Stronger and Thinner Leaner Stronger?

Bigger Leaner Stronger is for men, while Thinner Leaner Stronger is for women. That said, both programs have a lot in common. The main difference is that Thinner Leaner Stronger emphasizes lower body training over upper body training since most women prefer this. It also uses higher rep ranges because women typically handle higher reps better than lower reps.

For more information about Bigger Leaner Stronger, check out this article:

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