Alex did 12 weeks of one-on-one Legion coaching and lost 15 pounds, 4% body fat, and 2 inches from his waist. He also increased his whole-body strength, progressing to over 200 pounds on the squat, bench press, and deadlift.

Before joining us, Alex had trained for a couple of years, graduating from Bigger Leaner Stronger to Beyond Bigger Leaner Stronger. But he had plateaued and wasn’t sure how to reignite his progress. 

To overcome this stagnation, he joined the coaching program. Here are his results:

Alex before and after

Alex’s Journey

“I made decent strength progress after reading Bigger Leaner Stronger,” Alex said. “But after a few years of sticking to the training, I wasn’t seeing a lot of change in my body.” He also found dieting challenging, which hindered his dream of having six-pack abs.

To overcome this plateau, Alex committed to a 12-week block of Legion Coaching, hoping to turn his aspiration into reality. The guidance of a dedicated coach was pivotal in dialing in his diet and fine-tuning his exercise technique, which allowed him to lift heavier weights safely.

“Sticking to my meal plan was the hardest. I did well on the weekdays but struggled on the weekends,” Alex admitted. Fortunately, his coach was on hand to help him through this as well. “My coach was great! He answered all my questions and provided some great articles to help me understand some key concepts better.”

What Alex valued most about the program were its straightforward approach and the tangible results he achieved. Ultimately, he realized his goal of attaining a six-pack. “I’m extremely happy with the changes to my body! Also, I learned a solid foundation to continue making progress.”

Alex’s Results

During his 3 months of coaching, Alex . . .

  • Lost a total of 15 pounds of body fat
  • Slimmed his waist from 33 inches to 31 inches
  • Reduced his body fat percentage by 4-to-5%

Alex was so happy with his progress that he signed his wife up for coaching, too. And while he’s happy to continue alone for now, he plans on rejoining the program for periodic “tune-ups” in the future.

If Alex Can Do It, You Can Too

During the program, Alex learned the importance of personal responsibility in achieving fitness goals. He also discovered that consistent effort in the gym and kitchen is crucial, especially when facing challenges like long-standing plateaus.

However, without his coach’s guidance, he probably wouldn’t have overcome his stagnation. His coach’s expertise was vital in refining his approach, offering personalized strategies that proved crucial for breaking through the barriers that had hindered his progress for over four years.

If you want a personalized plan to help you transform your physique no matter how long you’ve been training or what problems are holding you back, our one-on-one coaching service is for you. Click here to check it out and set up a free consultation.