In the last decade or so, I’ve fielded so many diet and weight loss questions that if I had a nickel for each . . . I’d be making money in a very strange way.

Common ones include:

Should I eat more or fewer calories? 

How much protein should I eat?

Should I go high-carb or low-carb or somewhere in between? 

Do I need to take fish oil/multivitamins/greens/etc. if I already eat XYZ?

Am I drinking too much alcohol or coffee?

The list goes on.

Thus, I decided to create a short 10-question quiz that probes your lifestyle and goals and tells you how many calories to eat, how those calories should break down into protein, carbs, and fat, how you should tweak your food choices, and what supplements might help you reach your goals faster. 

Click here to take it now:

Have any feedback on the quiz? Any suggestions on how to make it better? Leave a comment below and let me know!