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This podcast is a story about overcoming oppressive obstacles. It’s about facing reality head-on, coming to terms with the truth, and deciding to make a positive change.

Specifically, it’s the story of Brad Jensen and how he beat addiction to reinvent himself and become known as “the sober bodybuilder.”

I’ll save the details for the interview, but in broad strokes, Brad was a fitness-interested teenager who found himself turning to alcohol and eventually hard drugs to get through life. This led to a decade of serious addiction, becoming a drug dealer, multiple arrests, homelessness, and repeated cycles of recovery and relapse. 

In other words, Brad has had to deal with far more hardship than the average Joe, but he was able to take responsibility, not succumb to a victim mindset, and completely turn his life around. And while most of you listeners luckily won’t have to deal with the same issues or episodes of intense withdrawal, I think his story will be inspiring and motivating.

In case you’re not familiar with Brad, he’s a fellow podcaster (The Key Nutrition Podcast) and coach, who’s used his passion for fitness to help beat addiction, remain sober for over 8 years now, and help other people get fit and healthy. In this interview, he shares his powerful story about his transformation from an anxious kid to a homeless heroin-addict, to a successful entrepreneur and business owner.

In this interview, we chat about . . .

  • Why Brad turned to alcohol and drugs and how he got addicted to heroin
  • Dealing with withdrawal and his time spent in jail
  • Other addictive behaviors like looking at pornography
  • The difference between being sober and recovery
  • Why people relapse during recovery and how he finally broke that cycle
  • And more . . .

So if you want to hear an inspiring story of how someone faced the truth, overcame addiction, and turned his life around, you’re going to enjoy this podcast.


6:50 – What was happening before 2012?

12:39 – What happened after high school?

38:27 – How did you start to turn your life around? 

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