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Let’s face it: a big reason most of us guys work out is to look great.

You know, muscular, lean, proportional . . . “aesthetic” as the narcissists like to say.

People are always looking for “hacks” and shortcuts to live a better life and looking good is a big one.

When you look good, people instinctively like you more and treat you better, and this more or less always pay dividends no matter what you’re trying to do.

How exactly do you build that type of physique, though?

In this podcast, you’re going to learn . . .

  • The ancient formula that dictates the proportions of the “ideal” male body
  • How to compare your body to these standards to see what parts need the most work
  • How close you can expect to get to these numbers based on your genetics
  • And finally, how to eat and train to build the ideal male body.

Let’s get started.


6:56 – What is the golden ratio? 

14:56 – How can we use the golden ratio to create the ideal male body? 

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