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If you’re serious about weightlifting, one of the worst things that can happen is getting stuck. 

Your workouts become robotic chores, you stop giving each exercise your all, and you begin to wonder if you’re simply at the end of your genetic rope for muscle and strength gain.

This is particularly true of isolation exercises like the dumbbell side raise, barbell curl, calf raise, and the like. 

For one thing, you’re forced to lift what seem like relatively light weights compared to your heavy compound exercises. 

Every pound of progress is precious, and it can be maddening to show up to the gym every week and lift the same weight for months (or years) on end, with no idea how to pull yourself out of this rut. 

Moreover, you may find yourself plateaued on most of your isolation exercises despite making steady progress on your heavy compound exercises, which is even more puzzling. 

Why does this happen, and what can you do about it? 

Well, the short answer is there are several very simple explanations for why progressing on isolation exercises is more difficult than compound exercises. 

Once you understand what these are, you can use the eight strategies in this podcast to get stronger on all of your isolation exercises for years to come. 

A word of warning before you continue: 

Progress will always be painfully slow on isolation exercises once your newbie gains are gone. Anyone who seems to defy this rule is either new to lifting, returning to lifting after a long hiatus, or on drugs. Period.

If you keep at it, though, and commit to the process, you can make consistent, predictable progress on even the most stubborn isolation exercises, without taking steroids.

So, if you want to learn why isolation exercises are so damn difficult, and the eight best ways to get stronger despite this, venture forth once more unto the breach, dear friend, for this podcast will show you the way.

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