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In this podcast, I chat with Jason McCarthy, the CEO and founder of GORUCK, a company that creates rucking gear and hosts events to build communities and empower people.

This interview isn’t about how to get started with rucking (I already have one about that). Instead it’s about Jason’s story, including why he started GORUCK and how it developed and grew over time.

While GORUCK sells loads of high-quality rucking gear now (rucksacks, footwear, and apparel tested by Special Forces combat veterans), and has hosted over 1,000 events worldwide, things weren’t always so peachy for the company, or for Jason personally. 

In this episode, we discuss . . .

  • Jason’s Special Forces training and serving in Iraq
  • Being a team player being part of something bigger than yourself
  • The importance of investing in relationships and how he worked through marriage issues
  • How he got started with designing rucksacks and turned GORUCK from a hobby into a business
  • How he faced certain death in the business and figured out how to build it
  • The origin of the rucking and tactical events he hosts
  • And more . . .

So, if you want to hear an inspiring, all-American story of turning an aspirational dream into a community-building business, check out this episode!


12:48 – Why did you decide to go with the name Go Ruck?

26:40 – How did you go from an idea to a product?

50:29 – What do you do at these events?

54:15 – Did it surprise you how much attention you got after holding events?

57:40 – What are some insights that led you to getting back with your ex-wife and starting a family?

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