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I’m going to break down 7 nutrition myths that are especially prevalent among endurance athletes. 

These myths also exist in the strength training world, but they’re particularly pernicious for people who run, jog, swim, cycle, or do any sort of endurance training.

These people know that nutrition is key to performance. Unfortunately, while some advice out there is good, a lot of nutrition advice is just flat-out nonsense. 

So in this episode of the podcast, I’m going to lay some of the worst offenders to rest.

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4:01 – Myth: Eating lots of carbs is the most important part of nutrition.

8:39 – Myth: You have to eat within 30 minutes of finishing an endurance workout.   

10:38 – Should you eat before or during an endurance training workout?  

12:08 – Myth: Energy bars and gels are better than whole foods.

13:43 – The best carbs for before, during, or after a workout.

14:39 – Myth: Endurance trainees should take electrolyte supplements.                  

18:27 – Why you should be skeptical of electrolyte and hydration supplements.                     

24:33 – Myth: Getting leaner makes you faster.                  

27:37 – Myth: endurance athletes should never diet.         

31:07 – Myth: You should train to “earn” your calories.

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