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This podcast is all about skipping workouts. When does it make more sense to skip a workout than to do a workout (or to swap the workout you were planning with another)?

Sometimes you just don’t feel up to a workout due to lack of sleep, stress, soreness, or something else. If you’re warming up and your joints feel achy or your mind is wandering, and you feel like it’s not going to be a great workout, you have two choices.

You can suck it up and continue. Good enough is great, after all. 

Or you can do the workout on another day. 

Which choice is better? In other words, does it pay to be flexible with our workout programming? Will it pay off in terms of better long-term results? Listen to this podcast to find out.


5:26 – What is flexible programming?

15:43 – What does the science say about autoregulation?

17:50 – What are the benefits of flexible programming?

19:56 – What are the downsides of flexible programming?

21:46 – How can we make flexible programming work?

23:39 – An example of how flexible programming might look.

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