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If you’ve spent any amount of time pushing or pulling heavy things, you’ve probably experienced elbow pain.

Maybe it only flares up when you’re doing heavy compound exercises, like the bench press, military press, or barbell row. Or, maybe it only happens when you’re doing isolation exercises like curls, triceps extensions, or skullcrushers. Or maybe it comes and goes with no rhyme or reason.

Regardless of what triggers it, elbow pain can be maddening, and finding good answers for how to resolve it can be even more frustrating.

Luckily, one guy who has good answers is Mark Rippetoe, so I invited him on the show to shed some light on this common nuisance.

Mark has worked with thousands of lifters, and thus helped people work through many, many injuries, and he has quite a bit to say about how to deal with elbow pain.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The three most common types of elbow pain
  • The difference between “golfer’s elbow” and “tennis elbow”
  • How to diagnose what’s causing your elbow pain
  • What exercises usually contribute the most to elbow pain
  • How to resolve elbow pain
  • And more

Click the player below to listen:


9:29 – What are the three types of elbow pain?

14:58 – What is the most common type of elbow pain?

18:58 – What is golfer’s elbow?

31:17 – What type of elbow pain did you have?

35:17 – What type of exercises cause golfer’s elbow?

37:11 – What’s the difference in form between chin ups and pull ups?

48:11 – Is the bench press commonly associated with elbow issues?

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